If you’re thinking about mastering blues guitar riffs like Griff Hamlin, then you’re in for a treat! There are excellent Hamlin videos that teach you exactly how you can learn to play riffs from popular melodies and songs. Here are a few tips to help you play blues guitar riffs. There’s actually no second guessing this one – you really have to put in the hours if you’re planning on playing blues guitar to a high level. Don’t need to buy expensive guitars – best guitar under $200 will do its job well!

Use a metronome – it will help you get your rhythm in gear and you’ll learn to keep time. Some folks aren’t very good at keeping time and this is an important aspect about blues guitar riffs. You have to be able to play the correct guitar note at exactly the right time. So just keep your metronome ticking away for effective blues playing.

When you start to follow blues guitar lessons, you’ll learn how to hold the guitar the correct way to get the most out of playing your instrument. You’ll listen to some excellent blues riffs that you can easily follow by watching the instructor play. Position your hands and fingers the way it’s done online. Hamlin’s easy style will appeal to most guitarists, both beginners and more seasoned players. In time, you can even play sheet music. That will take your blues guitar riffs to whole new level. You’ll find that the melodies you can play on your guitar will improve your experience as a blues guitarist.

When you’re playing riffs, put your feelings into the tunes to bring out the best in your music. The riffs are the critical components of blues music as they bring the vibrancy, color and emotion to any song or melody. Let your sentiments shine through in the same way as the great BB King or Eric Clapton brought the genre alive. To be a great guitarist, you have to feel the music flow from out of you as you play blues guitar riffs with passion.

You have to really listen to the great blues guitarists play to truly appreciate the immense talent of these incredible musicians. Immerse yourself in the recordings of, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Robert Johnson to understand how blues guitar is a beautiful genre of music that will enthrall you. Once you’re mesmerized by melodies of this generation of blues musicians, you’ll become more determined to play blues guitar the right way. You’ll be able to compare your own playing with those of the best and strive to reach higher ideals.

You can easily play blues guitar riffs when you follow the 4 important tips mentioned above. By learning the techniques and the mechanics of playing the blues you can satisfy your passion of being a blues guitarist. To reach the realm of the greatest musicians, make sure you practice with emotion and feeling. Then you’re on your way to becoming a skilled and talented blues guitarist!